• Christina Davis

What led me to quit my job, pack up my stuff and move across the world?

So you might be wondering, how did I get here? What led me to this lifestyle and how did I actually make it work? What opportunities brought me here? Just to name a few questions probably swirling through your head.

Well, let's rewind a few years back. My story isn’t one that is straight and narrow. It is filled with multiple bumps, turns, and upside down loops along the way. However, each step along the way has built me up and led me to where I am today.

So here we go, my story really all started back in University. I was a biology major with the goal of going to Medical School to become a Surgeon. My family, friends and peers all respected my goals and cheered me on. However, their constant support due to the caliber of my dreams led me to continue trying to build towards a career I wasn’t even sure I actually wanted. The amount of nights crying, stress, anxiety and hardship throughout my journey as a University student would all be worth it when I got to the end.

I took a semester to go Study Abroad in Barcelona to take a break from my rigorous course schedule and for a breath of fresh air. While living abroad, I felt free, happy, full of life and laughter and fulfilled. After that time period, I had a realization deep down that I wanted to change course with my life but I felt like I was too far in. So I graduated with my biology degree and instead of going to medical school, I found the next best route as I thought. I went into the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Sales. I was still able to use my degree, show my family and friends that I didn’t waste my college money and hopefully be a bit happier.

Well, guess what? Five years of work in the field and I still was grasping at something that wasn’t there. I spent hourrrrsss on google trying to figure out how I could go back to living that life abroad but actually make money. I had planned 2 or 3 times to quit my job but each time something would convince me I shouldn’t do it. That something was a combination of guilt, fear, disappointment of others, and all the negative thoughts that swirled through my brain.

I had a successful career, promotions, salary increases, respect from my family and coworkers for my position and many things other 25 year old’s would have been happy to have. However, there was a deep pit in my soul that was still so unfulfilled. I would push my vacation days to the max, never take a personal or sick day and try to use bank holidays to my advantage whenever I could because traveling was the only thing truly keeping me alive.

What was really the turning point you ask? One of my managers was trying to give me some extra motivation in my job and describing how my life can be if I stay on track working hard. He told me to think of my boss, think about his lifestyle now, the money he earns and how he got there and know that if I kept grinding I could be there one day too. This conversation happened just a few weeks before I was set to go on a two week vacation. I thought about his words daily because in the moment something click inside of me. What clicked and lingered for weeks on end was the visualization of what I was actually working towards.

Want to know the conclusion I came to? Well, I realized that my boss’s life was something I DID NOT want. All of the sudden, everything I was working towards seemed to crash because I never actually sat with that thought before. I realized I was staying on a path I didn’t want, so what was I actually doing? I decided to take my vacation to really think about what I was going to actually do. Well, I can say with conviction now that the motivation my manager tried to give me ended up completely turning my world upside down.

From that moment on, everything had changed. My fears weren’t strong enough to hold me back, the money wasn’t enough to make me stay and the lack of fulfillment was yelling so loud in my head that I couldn’t ignore it. It was time for a big decision….one that was going to change the entire trajectory of my life.

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