• Christina Davis

I left my 9-5 behind to pursue the life of a digital nomad!

I quit, I packed up everything and booked a one way ticket to Asia but that's where the story just begins. Well, let's take a look back to the journey I have had over the past 2 ½ years.

I wanted so badly to discover that free spirit of mine I felt when I traveled and lived abroad. So, I decided I was going to travel South East Asia to not only discover who I wanted to be but to network, research and discover what I wanted to do with my life. I was able to surround myself with like minded people, be away from the 9-5 hustle culture and dive into what my future would look like.

As I traveled, I watched the light, passion and fire inside of me burn brighter again. I started to discover industries, jobs and businesses that would allow me to sustain a life of a digital nomad. I knew how important this dream was to me and I decided I needed to put myself even further outside my comfort zone to achieve it.

My journey didn’t lead me straight to coaching but actually first began in virtual assisting. I bought my first online course and dove straight in. As that business began to evolve, I found myself more interested in social media marketing. As I began to grow that business and take on clients, there was a common theme I kept experiencing. I had multiple people on the regular reaching out to me asking how I was living the life I did. How was I able to travel to South East Asia? What did I do for work? What was it like quitting my job and going after this life? What advice I had to give or how someone else could do the exact same thing? The questions came pouring in and as I gave my own advice, I started to realize there was a genuine need for guidance towards this dream lifestyle.

I loved helping people see the opportunity of this lifestyle for themselves, so I decided to further invest in myself by hiring a business coach and mentor. My coach was able to teach me how to properly build a coaching business to provide guidance for the dreamers who wanted to live the life of a digital nomad. From there, I was able to blossom my own digital nomad coaching business into what it is today. Coaching allowed me to pull together my background and knowledge of sales, marketing, online business strategy, social media and mindset work to build a business I was absolutely passionate about.

I have now had the amazing opportunity of helping multiple clients build a business they are passionate about & watch them move around the world! From Australia to Mexico, Zambia, Bali, Thailand and remote around the US, I couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling job! My business is built around discovering your passions and learning how to turn that into an online business that allows you to work and live from anywhere in the world! My clients are dreamers, adventure lovers, entrepreneurs and people who just want so badly to live their dream life. Being able to have a business that allows people to achieve their dreams is something I never imagined would have been possible.

The biggest take away I learned from this entire journey was that it would have NEVER happened if I didn’t say yes to myself by quitting my job 2 ½ years ago. I never knew the doors that would open down the road and had no idea where it would lead me. But if I had never taken the leap, I wouldn’t be here today living abroad and running my own online business. So If I had any advice for someone else, it would be to take the scary leap because you NEVER know where it will lead you!

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