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My Journey to Location Independence!

“The black sheep”. That’s actually what my family called me from the age of seven! I’ve never really fit into their ideals, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever wanted to. I’ve always looked at the people around me and thought “I never want that”. No matter how good they thought it was, to me, it just didn't feel right.


Moving into my adult life, I went to college, tried my best to fit the mold and be the model-student that I knew society told me I had to be. I studied biology and my parents were very proud of me and my anticipated success.


On the face of it, you’d think that was a good thing, but actually, all it did was put more pressure on me to become somebody that deep down I knew I wasn't - and all that did was made me feel even more trapped than before. I was in the constant cycle of telling myself if I kept my head down and worked hard that my success would bring me happiness.




I finished school, got a job I thought I always dreamed of and busted my ass for that “success”. By 25 I was managing my own team in Medical Sales and making more than many older adults I knew. I would work tirelessly to accomplish my professional goals for the short praise of “good work” only to feel that sense of accomplishment gone shortly after. I felt like no matter what goals I obtained I still felt empty and as if there was something else I needed to do, or more importantly, somebody else I needed to be.

My browser history was constantly around new travel destinations, I would zone out at work day dreaming of getting on that flight to go scuba dive in the Caribbean or go on a safari in Africa. I knew that my life within this box of what “should be” wasn’t enough to ever keep me happy. I felt the pressure to buy a house, settle down, and work on my forever in one place to create a stationary life. But why does life have to be stationary? I didn’t want to watch life pass me by, I wanted to live a life of excitement.

I will never forget the plane journey home from an unreal trip sailing the Mediterranean in Greece where I had spent seven out of my measly ten days of vacation a year. I was on the plane about an hour away from New York City and I just burst into tears. It was in this moment that I knew I couldn't keep living life based on what others wanted or expected from me, my soul craved so much more.


The thought of having to work another year until I was able to get my one week of escape was absolutely petrifying and downright crushing. I knew that I couldn’t keep living the life other people expected from me, my soul craved way more. I decided in that moment, that I wanted to be free, explore the world, live a life of adventure, and be truly 100% me.  


I had this moment of realization but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. What would my parents say? How could I justify what I was doing. Would they be disappointed? Would they be mad? I had no idea how I was going to tell them, and to be honest, part of me thought maybe I was making a seriously wrong choice. A few weeks passed and I still found myself at work searching for my next holiday, and as the days went by I found myself feeling progressively more lost, stuck and deeply unfulfilled. I had all sorts of pros and cons battling back and forth in my mind. I had told myself every single story and reason as to why I should stop dreaming and be more realistic, settle down, get that next promotion and then you’ll be happier.


However, I just truly couldn't bear living like this anymore, so I said screw this and I did it. I went online, I found a flight to Hong Kong and I just left. Taking that flight was the most liberating feeling I have ever had in my life. It felt even better that I didn't have any real plans or was taking any kind of ‘sensible’ options. I just took off and it felt absolutely amazing, like this instant sense of relief and happiness.


I lived a life I could only have dreamed of, meeting new people from all over the world, waking up in a new city every few days, experiencing things I could only dream of and all of it was actually real. It wasn't a dream or a distant thought anymore, it was now my reality. From the many plane rides, long bus rides, train rides and anything in between, my thoughts  all lead back to one thing which was that I must create this life in a sustainable way. I didn't want another glimpse of time that I looked back on only to feed into more daydreams, I wanted to make this my constant reality. 


I thought back to all the social media posts I had seen from people traveling and working, and at the time, being trapped in that corporate bubble, I didn't actually think something like that would be possible. However, from my travels I had met so many entrepreneurs who had their own business, were doing freelance work, or side hustles in order to fund their travels and I realized that it was 100% possible!

I began to invest in myself, growing my knowledge base and even got my own coach to give me the push to chase my dreams. I thought hard about what business I could do and actually enjoy on a daily basis. I thought about maybe being a blogger, e-commerce sales or becoming a virtual assistant- but just like my whole life, none of it really resonated with me. I worked with a coach and one of the things he asked me was what did I feel like I was on this planet to do. I replied “to help people who felt trapped like I did” - and in that moment it hit me. I knew what it felt like to feel completely stuck, living someone else’s idea of happiness and always craving a sense of true freedom for so long. 


Those feelings all made me realize one thing, that what I really wanted was to genuinely help others create that sense of freedom in their life. I felt the motivation run through me, and I realized that there were so many talented people across the world that dream of creating location independence.  However just like I was before, I realized they are also being held back by fear. I spent months working with a business coach, studying to become an accredited mindset coach, creating a brand, learning how to best serve the world and became a digital nomad coach! 


Now I get to help people who were just like me, and I get to work from anywhere, support myself, grow my dreams and experience cultures around the world. I now dont feel constricted to pressures of society and what my life “should” look like. I live for my own happiness, finding a new coffee shop in a new country, meeting the locals who make all the experiences real, connecting with worldly people to share ideals or laugh over funny travel stories.


I could head to the waterfall for an afternoon swim, explore the city to find the best food at a secret local spot, or go sit on a bean bag with a cocktail in hand watching sunset with my friends from all over. I could travel to another country when I please, work from a local cafe then spend my free time exploring the new sights for a few weeks. I am not tethered to a location, I am able to make any city my new home while I enjoy my spontaneous and exciting life.


We all need an escape sometimes from the world, but what if your dream escape becomes your reality? What if you don't need to escape because your new journey is just a flight, train or bus away and you can bring your work with you. Vacation days? No approval needed. 

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If you’re reading this and you’re a female entrepreneur who feels stuck, ready to finally push through the fear and take your business across the world and create location independence, then I have an amazing offer for you! I am currently offering a complimentary discovery session which will cost you nothing because I am so passionate about helping others on the journey that I took for myself. If I am able to use my coaching ability to help you conquer your fear and make a decision for you and your life, it would give me everything I need; and who knows, if you want support with the practical aspects, the exploration of where to go, and the solid plan to make it happen, then maybe we might also be a perfect fit to work with each other. 


A thousand miles begins with just one step. If you’re ready to take just that one step, then book a call, and let's get you started on your own journey!