Freedom Accelerator Program

12 Week Group Program


A kickstart course for new entrepreneurs to learn the step by step guide to create a freedom based online business.

You have always known you were meant for more than a cubicle, a long commute, or a typical 9-5 (or longer) schedule

You know you want freedom and you want it on your own terms. 

Location freedom, time freedom or financial freedom. Heck, actually you know you not only want it but NEED it  and DESERVE it. 

You scroll through instagram and see so many people living the dream...


BUT, you literally just don't know where to start or how to sustain it?

Ready to Take the Leap?!

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You know it's possible...

However, you've tried looking online, you've tried to follow someone else's lead or you've tried on your own but just feel like you can't seem to get where you want to be.

Your thoughts start to scramble and you feel overwhelmed, lost, confused and lacking the confidence to push forward. 

You fear the possibility of failure even though having your own business has always been your dream. 

The Sunday Scaries are incredibly real and the thought of forever being in a 9-5 makes you just want to scream


The time is NOW


You know that you have the drive and the passion to achieve this dream lifestyle.


You will do what it take to make that day dream you have at your desk or on your long work commute as you stare out the window a REALITY.

You know you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you, you just need a clear roadmap and step by step guide on how to accomplish it all.

Well, thats where I come in. I am here to help you take the steps towards that light of freedom, the one you want so bad. 

How can I do that? With the Freedom Accelerator Program!


The purpose of this course...

This 12 week group mastermind program is here to teach you all the skills, knowledge and toolset to know your own online business and brand to create that HIGHLY desired life of freedom. 

This proven framework helps new female entrepreneurs go from overwhelm and fear to badass CEO energy, consistent signed clients and remote income.


This transformation is accomplished by shifting your mindset, learning all the tools and logistics to grow your business and the skillset to sustain your limitless, powerful business model.

What Does The Freedom Accelerator Program Include?

Exclusive Access to my Online Course Programming

Top Notch Weekly Guest Expert Lives

Biweekly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Christina 

1 Deep Dive Business Strategy & Intensive

24/7 Voxer Messaging

Private Facebook Group Access 

THe Freedom Accelerator Program breakdown

Week 1 : CEO Mindset

- Your Badass 2.0 self

- Define your WHY 

- Define your vision 

- Stepping Through Your Fears

- Goal Setting as a CEO

Week 2 : Ideal Client & Niche

- Discovering your passions 

- Discovering your dream client

- Harness your Magic x Factor

- What is your ideal Niche

- How to target your specific Niche

Week 3 : Your Badass Offer

- How to conduct Market Research

- How to curate a badass offer

- How to curate the best bio

- Attraction Marketing 101

- How to structure the BEST offer

Week 4 : Slay Social Media

- Prelaunch Content Planning

- Strategic content planning

- Overcome fear of judgement 

- Social Media Marketing 101

- Secrets of IG Stories

Week 5 : Money Mindset & Imposter Syndrome

- How to price your offer

- Handling money objections

- Abundance money mindset

- Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Week 6 : Lead Magnets & Email Marketing

- Effective Lead Magnets

- Curating a kickass Freebie

- Turn Emails into hot leads

Week 7 : Your Story is Your Power

- What is Your Story?

- Using your story to sell 

- Basics of a Badass Biz Website

- Create a Signature Brand Logo

Week 8 : Sell Like a Badass

- Sell in your DMs & IG Stories

- Psychology of Selling & Tactics

- Using FB Groups for Hot Leads

- How to strategically track leads

- How to collab to build authority

Week 9 : How to Have an Epic Launch

- Importance of Prelaunch 

- Launch with ease & success

- How to have clients flock to you

- Crushing Launch & Postlaunch

Week 10 : Discovery Calls to Clients

- Structuring your Discovery Calls

- Handling objections authentically

- Signing clients in the DMs

- Handling followups with ease

- Show up to calls with confidence 

Week 11 : Client Onboarding

- Onboarding clients with ease

- International payment options 

- Hosting a powerful first client call

- Client contracting

Week 12 : Grow Your Badass Biz Model

- Plan your next Biz goals 

- Scaling your offer & clients

- Time management when a CEO

- Strategy and tools to eliminate overwhelm scatterbrain when scaling your own biz

Who Am I?


Hi! I'm Christina

I am a digital nomad coach who helps female entrepreneurs finally push through fear and create location independence. I know what it feels like to feel pressured to stay in the stereotypical lifestyle, where you are constantly dreaming of your next adventure. I knew that my soul was destined for more, that I wanted to live a life that excited me to my core. I wanted to take my business location independent and experience endless adventures in the city of my choice. I wanted to take my work to a local cafe, meet people from around the world, or go for an afternoon hike or swim in a local waterfall. I knew that there was more to life than living in someone else’s idea of success or normal.


So, I changed my life, conquered my fears, grew my confidence and took the leap to a life of location independence. I was able to create this life of freedom by building my brand, one I truly believed in and loved. I wasn't shoeing up to an office anymore that I didn't love or hear my alarm in the morning only to wish I never had to get up. I had a vision, created my brand and ran with my passion. I designed a life that allowed my adventure loving soul to be free, I felt a new excitement for my future I previously didn’t think was possible.


Now, I live in Bali and live a life of complete time, location and financial freedom. Want to join?

Just Imagine..

You have your own successful online business where YOU are the boss 

Being able to leave your 9-5 and work commute behind you

Having complete time, location and financial FREEDOM!

Have a consistent client basis and sustainable income

Are the confident badass that shows up online with a signature offer and attracts your DREAM clients

Know your own value, charge your worth and don't worry about monthly income

Being able to be that person living their dream on instagram instead of just another person you stalk wondering how they do it 

You wake up excited AF everyday to show up for work 

You can run your business from ANYWHERE In the world

You no longer have a boss telling you how many vacation days you get

That dream you've always sat and thought about was your REALITY

Ready to Take the Leap?!

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