Lets Create Location Independence

What Is A Discovery Session?

A complimentary discovery session - an opportunity to dive deep into your fears and what holds you back from choosing a life of location independence. By creating a solid plan of actionable steps and accountability we will get you from trapped to traveling with your business.


Is This You??

 ★ Are you a remote worker, freelancer, or online business owner and wish you could just pick up your life and move to your dream location?


★ Do you find yourself feeling stuck living a life that doesn’t excite you? 


★ Do you dream about running your business from anywhere around the world?


★ Do you feel trapped by fear to take the leap to travel or just don't know where to start?


★ Do you feel pressured to live a settled lifestyle because of society?


★ Does your soul crave more adventure on a daily basis?


★ Do you wish you had the confidence to leave the bullshit behind and be location independent?


★ Have you dreamed of living a location independent lifestyle, but felt overwhelmed by the saturation of information online?


★ Have you maybe made some progress, but started to get a little frustrated and lost motivation?

                                            Trust Me I Totally Get It ! 


What Is Coaching?

Coaching is about the process of taking you from where you are now to the life you always wanted to live by pushing you to accomplish your goals with accountability and support. 
Digital nomad coaching helps you specifically learn to conquer fear and empower your confidence through navigating the logistics and solid plan creation to become location independent.


Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Christina!

I am a digital nomad coach who helps female entrepreneurs finally push through fear and create location independence. I know what it feels like to feel pressured to stay in the stereotypical lifestyle, where you are constantly dreaming of your next adventure. I knew that my soul was destined for more, that I wanted to live a life that excited me to my core. I wanted to take my business location independent and experience endless adventures in the city of my choice. I wanted to take my work to a local cafe, meet people from around the world, or go for an afternoon hike or swim in a local waterfall. I knew that there was more to life than living in someone else’s idea of success or normal.

So, I changed my life, conquered my fears, grew my confidence and took the leap to a life of location independence. I designed a life that allowed my adventure loving soul to be free, I wasn’t tied to one location and I felt a new excitement for my future I previously didn’t think was possible.


How Does Coaching Work?

With my 12 week coaching program, I will help you work through fears, all the logistics and travel necessities to create a concrete plan to become location independent. I will work with you 1:1 via web call weekly to help support you and give you accountability to take each step for that nomadic lifestyle. At the end of my program, you will be getting on that plane, train or bus ride to begin your kick-ass adventurous life of location independence.


My Coaching Style

I am an Accredited Coach who knows the internal struggles and frustrations you are currently facing but I am here to really push you towards achieving that desired location independent life. I will hold you accountable for your goals, give you a kick in the butt when you need it and pour all my knowledge into coaching to make sure you aren’t left with any questions unanswered. I am here to make sure that you get to the end goal of a nomadic lifestyle and I won't stop until you get there because that is why I am here! I will pave the yellow brick road leading right to the wonderful life of location independence, all I need from you is to take the first step and get ready for the wild journey.


Worried About The Investment?


Can I Afford This Investment?

I have created this program to be very affordable and there are many payment plan options for your needs. In 12 weeks time you will be exploring your new local coffee shop, wandering the streets of your new home and meeting people from all over the world thanks to the fact that you took the leap and brought your business location independent. Think about it, you will be able to feel that sense of freedom and no longer feel trapped, living the nomadic life you’ve always craved and desired from deciding your dreams are not too big and now's the time to achieve them. The investment is a small price to pay to open those doors to your life of location independence, working from anywhere you want and experiencing the world at your fingertips.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I also have a complete money back guarantee for my coaching program. After 30 days if you feel that you aren’t getting the value you’re looking for, I will offer a full money back guarantee. I am not here for the money, I am here to help you experience the same freedom and happiness I felt changing my life. I want us to be a great fit and I want to help you follow my path to location independence because I know if you follow my steps you WILL get there. However, if you feel truly unsatisfied after 30 days in the program, I will give you 100% of your money back with no strings attached!


What Can You Expect?

At the end of this program, you will have had a complete mindset shift, fears conquered, taken all the logistic steps for solid plan creation and executed your location independence. No longer will you feel trapped or succumb to the pressure to live a certain life, you will have the freedom to explore the world and be location independent. Work at the beach? Sure. Work at your new villa next to the pool? Absolutely. Work from a cafe in your favorite city? Yup! You won't have to daydream anymore of a life of adventure, excitement and freedom, you will now have that because you pushed through fear and created location independence.


You've Read This Far..

I know you feel that desire inside of you burning to live the life of location independence with your business. You deserve more than a life living by someone else’s standards or one that constantly leaves you longing for more. You are destined to travel the world, live the life you watched so many others accomplish and are ready to make this change! 


Click the button below and schedule that call to have a powerful and transformative coaching conversation. We are going to dive deep into the fears that are really holding you back from living the life you deserve. We will devise a fool proof plan to push through those fears and grow the confidence to take the steps together in making your location independence dream a reality. I promise you will leave this session feeling confident, driven and inspired to start your new journey. 


From Trapped to Traveling

This took me from crying on a plane returning from vacation because I felt unbearably trapped to living a life of location independence with a sense of freedom I always desired in my soul. Don't allow yourself to make excuses and say “I can't do that”, “Am I actually ready” or “Is that life actually obtainable”? Stop saying one day I will do it because “one day” will never come. You know deep down you dream of the day of purchasing that ticket to begin your location independence journey. Why not start now?

You need to begin today because I will not help you just build a dream but I will help you actually obtain it. Location Independence isn’t something you just watch people have on instagram, it is right in front of you right here waiting for you. I am absolutely positive I can help you push through your fears and create location independence. I said I’d give you the kick in the butt you needed during my program but here is a kick in the butt now, book a call! Stop wasting time! Stop letting your fear of what others think stop you from achieving your dream! You are worthy enough, driven enough and ready!

I am literally standing right here offering to help you become location independent. Do you want you to keep watching life pass you by or do you want to get on that plane and never look back to a life feeling trapped? One click is standing between you and a life of location independence. Book your call right now!